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View Poll Results: Can a deck gun breach a wall?

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  • If the bricks are old?

    3 14.29%
  • If the wall is not too thick?

    6 28.57%
  • If the building has undergone structural damage?

    9 42.86%
  • If the rig is sufficiently close to the building?

    3 14.29%
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    Sure, a 3", 5" and especially a 16" US Navy Deck Gun can breach even the toughest walls! They do little to douse the ensuing fires though.

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    I did a chimney once, like someone else has seen. They do a great job removing the shingles from a house and blowing them into the rear neighbor's yard too.

    Then there was the one time with a 2-1/2 and a port-o-potty, but that's a whole different subject.

    But the question is pretty tough to answer. I've even seen old leaded stained glass windows hold up to a deck gun for quite some time. Of course it was the bar burning across from my apartment while in college, and I have no idea what pressure they were using. Was interesting nonetheless.

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