sorry i'm getting back to you a few years after this original post. i for one am honored to know richy and all of the guys that worked in the rescue in the 80's. i can tell you that richy was one of the toughest, best firemen ever to wear a uniform. if you were to ask my dad "who was the best fireman he ever worked with?" hands down he'd say richy. my dad was a hell of a fireman himself, but he worked with the likes of ray downey, peter martin, dennis mojica, billy lake, lee ielpi, pete bondy, john vigiano, bobby cicero, bruce and gary howard, larry gray, terry hatton, timmy stagpole, and timmy higgins to name a few (sorry if i left anybody out). everyone of the rescue men were tough and awesome at their jobs.i grew up in that atmosphere and it was great! they are honestly why i'm a fireman today. i saw how close knit they were, it felt like a big family. if they were to do another movie or mini series (like band of brothers), it should be on them.