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    Smile Departments Hiring in middle TN

    For those of you looking for jobs there are alot of places in Middle TN places surrounding Nashville Hiring or preparing to hire soon. So if you are up for relocating the areas around Nashville are seeing alot of sprawl and therefore alot of departments are being forced to increase staffing.
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    cool, I just got an app in the mail for chattanooga, my dad and grandparents are in collegedale and i'm considering relocating down there from detroit after getting laid off from DFD.

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    Cool check out these places there I know some are getting ready to hire within next 8 months marked with *

    Gallatin *6
    Hendersonville *15
    Springfield * 6
    Wilson county EMA

    These are the deparments that I can think of off top of my head you could start looking into them I know several others that will probally be hiring out of this list within the next year. All these departments within 1 hour of nashville.

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    Default Nashville Airport DPS

    Nashville Airport Department of Public Safety is hiring.

    Minimum requirements are either 60 hrs of college OR an EMT license.

    Sorry for the short notice. Application deadline is July 28, 2006, but we may have another testing date soon as we are about to lose an officer.

    All police officers are cross-trained as firefighters with 1/3 of the department licensed EMT's. Minimum medical training is First Responder (DOT curriculum). The training you're able to receive is unprecedented. I will post a link below, but just to give you an idea:

    Minimum training you will receive:

    10 wk police academy
    2 wk basic fire school (state fire academy)
    1 wk aircraft firefighting (Lexington, KY)
    First Responder licensed (taught in-house)
    10 wk FTO program (police & fire)

    Additional teams (if selected):

    EOD Team members attend Redstone (federal)
    Hazmat members receive training up to technician level (w/the option of federal schools in Anniston and national fire academy)
    Crisis Negotiations
    DUI/BAT officers
    Bike Patrol (IPMBA certified)
    K9 unit (trained in Lackland AFB TX)
    SWAT (state training)
    Advanced ARFF (aircraft firefighting in PA)
    Crime Scene Investigations

    100% tuition reimbursement for job-related degrees is available after 2 yrs of service.

    5 year contract is required and you must pass a federal background check.

    PM me if you have any questions. Starting pay is $28,400 with a 3% increase every 6 mos for the first 18 mos. So in the low to mid $30k's after 18 mos.

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