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    Default EFO Hurricane Research


    Please forward this to the appropriate person in your organization if necessary.

    I am participating in the Executive Fire Officer (EFO) program at the National Fire Academy. Part of the requirements of this program are to perform an applied research project and paper at the conclusion of each class.

    This subject of my research project this year is fire department hurricane preparations. Part of this research is a survey of emergency service organizations preparations in several targeted areas.

    The short survey is in the form of a web based questioner in order to be as quick and easy as possible for the participants to respond. The survey is being targeted to emergency services personnel in states along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

    No organizations will be individually identified in the research paper.

    Your participation in this survey would be greatly appreciated.

    In the survey form you will see references to "firefighters". Please substitute the appropriate term for your organization's personnel.

    Please use the below link to access the on line survey:


    If you happen to be affiliated with more than one emergency service organization please fill out a survey for each organization.

    Please feel free to forward this message to other emergency service personnel.

    If you are interested in the results of this survey please let me know and I will be happy to send you a copy of the research paper upon its completion.

    Thank You,
    Richard Lieder
    Assistant Chief
    Cypress Creek Fire Department

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    Colington VFD in Dare County, NC has completed the survey and transmitted same. Hope your project is successful.
    Glenn Rainey
    Colington Fire Department
    Dare County, North Carolina
    The Outer Banks

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    I submitted the survey this evening.
    09-11 .. 343 "All Gave Some..Some Gave ALL" God Bless..R.I.P.
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