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    Exclamation LZ Safety

    I am looking for a program or powerpoint presentation to teach LZ safety for A Helicopter LZ that will be setup by a FD, If anyone could give me some help. Please let me know

    Adrian Damms

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    I know our two or three trauma centers that will fly in "the bird" will put on a program for us you might want to contact one of them.

    Some things I would include were
    distances for the LZ
    what your departments policy is(this unit will respond or we will call in this mutual aid department for assitance things like that)
    how to pick a spot for the landing zone

    I'm sure that there are other things

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    Default Lz

    In NJ we had NorthStar State Police helo come in and give a presentation. Just a few things.
    1) Thanks pre-planed LZ GPS coordinates they usually know where they are landing.
    2) Know your exact radio frequency and pl tone for the LZ. Ensure that whoever calls for the helo has this info and use apparatus radio not a handheld.
    3) Gear up and stay on the apparatus ready TO MOVE in the event of a problem the ship will end up down field from the intended LZ. Rotor blades may be flying through the air. Get the crew out ASAP
    4) Do not approach the ship unless signaled by the crew and then only from the front
    5) If extrication is prolonged get the Flight Medics to the scene

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    I think that your best bet would be to contact the flight service(s) in your area and have them teach you. They are the ones putting their lives on the line when you set up an LZ for them!!

    We have two different services in our area and have them both out every year to teach their procedures.
    Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

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