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    Default Not getting NIMS quick enough?

    Apparently the fire and ems service in Ohio is not getting on the NIMS wagon quick enought/oftend enough

    one of the topics at the august EMS hearings is a potential NIMS CE requirement.........

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    You know, that can be taken online w/ FEMA..

    Takes quite a while, and it's only worth .5 CEU's.

    If I had to sit through that BS in a class room, I'd probably beat my head about the table till I was unconscious.

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    It's not required yet though. I have it and most others have it around here (Athens).

    They say we have to have it before "long" anyway.

    But ya, it is slow gettin in gear around here.

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    I have tried 3 times to get the ICS-800 course out of the way by taking it online. For me I found it to be complicated and confusing to do it with the online program, especially since there really is no real way to visulaize the application if you are not printing out everything and trying to look back at each section as you go. I think this one is going to have to be a classroom program in order for smaller departments to have a prayer of getting through it. I suppose one could fake their way through it online, but I want to have some sense of learning when I ask for a certificate...
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