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    Default i need some advice

    ok i just graduated form hihg school and i want to be a firefighter but i am not sure which class i should take i am goin to be going to a junior college this fall and if anyone went through this situation and have any suggestions please let me know thanks.

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    Junior colleges offer fire science programs. I got my A/S in Fire Science thru DMACC in Ankeny Iowa. They are all around, you just gotta find em.

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    Default thanks

    so take fire sicence as kind of an intro i guess what the dmacc thing?

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    Default How to get hired at age 21.

    Find your local community college and begin taking classes towards a degree in Fire Science Technology. When you get your Emergency Medical Technician certification begin to apply at ALL of your local ambulances. You can finish college while gaining experience working as an EMT. Somewhere along the lines you will need to make time to get into a Volunteer or Reserve Firefighter position with a fire department in your area. When you complete your degree you will have your degree, EMT experience, and fire experience.

    It's a lot of work and requires a lot of determination but it can be done. I'm living proof. I was just hired at the age of 21.

    Oh and by the way. Begin to live your life as if you were already a firefighter. If you have friends that are doing drugs, or have had bad experiences with law enforcement I would reflect how that might look upon you. Such as the phrase guilt by association. Think of all consequences of what you might be doing and how that might reflect on you or effect your future.

    Good luck and post back if you have any questions.

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