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    I am attending EMT basic. I work for a landscape company in Columbus Ohio and I work a decent amount of hours per week.

    My question is how do some of you afford or have afforded the cost of Firefighter II (240) and Medic school.

    FF II is going to run about $3,000 with equipment rental and med is going to be about $4500-$5000.

    My goal is to get my EMT and FF II and then try to join somewhere part-time. Where I live it seems that medic is required.


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    Have you thought of volunteering for your local FD or rescue squad? They can help pick up the tab for all of the training you want.

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    I agree.I got my FF I and II quals in less than two years of joining my volunteer department.I left before taking the written portion of the tests but I can still sit for them if I rejoin or go elsewhere to volunteer.
    There was a lot of in house training but we also went to state run fire schools twice a year.It might be advertised as a boondoggle but you are there to learn new skills.Party after classes but during the daytime,you need to be alert and able to remember what they are teaching.
    Like he said,find a volunteer department.It's great because you are working with people who actually want to put out fires and contribute to their community's safety even after working a"real"job.

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