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    Default Pre Plans

    Would anybody have or be willing to send me a copy, blank or otherwise of some of their pre plans for their depts? I am starting pre planning in my dept and would like to see what this would entail.

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    Got an email, I think that I've got some that were emailed to me from some other people???
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    i can send you one of them that we have, if you get me your email. drop me an email

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    you can build a simple preplan form from excel....

    this is mainly for commerical buildings

    Include - address of building - owner name, address, and phone number
    Occupate of the buidling name, address and building if different from owner
    Building construction - ex. wood, concrete blocks, metal, trust-rafter roof, AC/heating unit on roof
    number of stories - dimensions of building - how many rooms - how many workers there day or night?
    number of doors and windows.
    if has spinkler system,
    emergency exits posted
    fire extinguisher locations
    if they have smoke detecter or monitor fire detection system,
    any hazardous material - such but not limited to propane tanks, if has natural gas hook ups..

    Closest fire hydrant or pond, or water supply in general..

    Basic information....

    hope this helps

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    Default pre plans

    I am a former fire fighter (8+ years as a volunteer) and my neighbor is a Lieutenant with the local department.

    They could not afford to purchase any preplan software so my neighbor and I got together and used some standard web development software to make a preplan program.

    It turned out pretty good.

    I developed websites now and have a version of it published.

    We used Visio to make the floor plans, then saved them as a web page.
    Next we created a website using FrontPage 2003 and tied it all together.
    FrontPage 2003 is one of the programs that virtually all companies, cities, towns, etc... use to make their own websites. We chose it just for that reason, the IT department of the companies, cities, towns, etc... should already support it. Also, microsoft supports it and they have 24-7 tech support.

    Keep in mind that what ever you end up with there will be a lot of time spent entering the data. The good thing is that once you get it in and BACK IT UP you have it forever!

    Updating is usually easy.

    Randy Vann
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