Hello Fellow FF's/Rescue Personnel,

Being a Firefighter and Inventor, I have developed a unique Training System for Emergency Services that will soon be available to all Fire Services throughout North America. As we market this new training concept in United States and Canada, a percentage of the sales dollars generated will be placed into an "Educational Trust Fund" to help support children who have lost a parent in Emergency Services as a result of LODD. I am in need of some statistical information as to how large the "Emergency Response Training Products" INDUSTRY is in terms of total dollars in sales per year for both United States and Canada along with the anticipated "growth rate". I have proposed this question to existing companies that manufacture "Training Products" for Emergency Services and no one seems to know the answer as to how large this particular Industry is. The company Pro-Safe Fire in Ontario, Canada highlights on their website that the "Emergency Response Training Products" INDUSTRY is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, however, I greatly need what the approximate figures are for United States and Canada. If anyone knows these figures or can direct me to where I might find them, I would greatly appreciate the assistance. Until then TAKE CARE and BE SAFE Brothers/Sisters. POPRIVET