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    Post Advice for FF Testing

    Just a quick little tip for everyone out there that is trying to get a job in the Fire Service... make copies of EVERYTHING!!!

    I was recently assogned to be a member of the oral board for our recent hiring. We were given every candidates initial application, background information and current resume. I was amazed at how many candidates provided three different sets of information. When the panel noticed ANY inconsistancy with the information that was provided, we were certain to ask the candidate to elaborate. Most were caught off guard because they forgot exactly what information they had disclosed to us.

    I have been a career firefighter for 10 years, and have seen some great people struggle to get jobs. Don't miss your opportunity because you weren't consistant. Try to provide consistant answers throughout the process. Make copies of everything you submit from the initial application through your entire career (you don't want to be passed up for a promotion later in your career). After you leave any oral board, polygraph, or psych eval, sit in your car and immediatly write down some of the information and answers that you disclosed.

    Hope this helps!!!

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    You give solid advice. The way to avoid any inconsistencies it to tell the truth and do not attempt to mislead or deceive the board. You would be amazed how easy it is to keep your story straight if you only tell one story.

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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    You are correct... telling the truth is always the best advice.

    I once applied for a job at a major fire department. The background packet they gave me to fill out was over 100 pages long. They wanted to know everything about me. They even asked me for current addresses for every room-mate and landlord that I ever had. It took forever to track all that down.... (Another reason to keep records of the information you submit.) I spent days researching all of the information. During the final days of the testing process, the department went on a hiring freeze. Lucky for me, I copied all of the information, and used most of it during the background check for my current job.

    I still have it... I'm not going to do all that work again.

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