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    Default AFG Award Statistics

    Since I had a little down time , I thought I would figure out how the 367 F.D.'s in Massachusetts have faired in AFG awards.

    AFG 2001-2005 (as of 8/11/06)

    Total # of Awards: 496
    Total $ of Awards: $54,552,458
    Most Awards: 142 (2003)
    Ave. Award: $109,984.79
    Highest Ave. Award: $144,215.60 (2005)

    281 (77%) F.D.'s have recieved awards:

    1 Grant: 131 (47%)
    2 Grants: 101 (36%)
    3 Grants: 35 (12%)
    4 Grants: 12 (4.3%)
    5 Grants: 2 (.7%)

    I know, I probably can find something better to do to kill time.

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    Man Bugle, you're getting as bad as me.

    I just ran a bunch of metrics last week myself, prepping for the upcoming workshop season. It's nice to be a nerd sometimes. Put them all in a SQL database, run some queries, and from data comes information. Not quite a Rubik's Cube, definitely no Slinky, but still fun to play with.

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    I know BC is married or I'd suggest finding a date/getting out more. Bugle???

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    Married with 3 kids. Caught up with my work at the station. Thought I do something different while making a little OT.

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