Hi, Im very interested in becoming a member of the LAFD. I have already applied on the internet and was told summit my certificate for passing the CPAT as soon as that happened. I know the gist of the hiring process... oral exam, writtin exam, background investigation, medical and pyschological testing. What are the details of these stages in the hiring process though? For instance, what kind of question do they ask in the oral exam. How is the background investigation done? What kind of drug testing do they do? Do they do polygraph testing? How long is the process? Thanks for any information that you can give me. Im very interested. Also, what is good to have done before you interview. I mean...Im getting my EMT ceritification right now. I know they suggest taking fire classes. I'm CPR certified. I have my bachelors already. What else do they recommend? I haven't been a volunteer or explorer, does this lower my chances? Thanks for the info!