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    Question Tank Level guages

    Anybody know who manufactures the large tank level gauges that you are starting to see on apparatus cabs.
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    There are several different models mentioned in this recent thread:
    I can't believe they actually pay me to do this!!!

    One friend noted yesterday that a fire officer only carries a flashlight, sometimes prompting grumbling from firefighters who have to lug tools and hoses.
    "The old saying is you never know how heavy that flashlight can become," the friend said.
    -from a tragic story posted on firefighterclosecalls.com

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    There is the PSTANK from Whelen. I am specing it into a new pumper/tanker. That I hope & pray that we get from AFG. One on each side. I have recently seen this on an ALF truck here in AL. Be sure it cuts off when the truck is in "road" gear. It has a tendancy to light everything on the side of the road up (including houses!!) HAHAHA.

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    This is the Whelen PSTANK Light. You also need to be sure that you have a remote driver that ties the PSTANK light into your water level gauge.
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    Almost any light can be used as a large tank level gauge I.E. whelen 500, 600,700, 900 or Federal, Code 3 etc...most of the tank level gauges you typically see on a pump panel either have a built in driver, or an add on driver can be purchased to control the lights and sync with the master tank level gauge. You do have to have a master tank level gauge on the pump panel to make this work. All that has to be done is wire to the individual lights. The Whelen PS tank is a great gauge and puts it into one simple to mount and install package, and very cost effective when comparing to individual lights. The only downfall of the PS tank is its size if you are wanting to see it from quite a distance away the lights can appear to run together. I recommend using LEDS. check out Class 1 or FRC tank level gauges both of these definately can be used in a large tank gauge configuration. You can also have multiple location I.E. each side of cab, and the rear of the apparatus, I have also seen individual lights and the PS tank used together. basically it's what ever your budget, time and mounting will allow. If you are adding this to an existing apparatus with older tank level gauges you will need to check with the manufacturer to see if your gauge can be configured or if a driver is available. if it has been manufactured in the last few years any manufacturer should be able to do this.

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    We have 3"x6" (Fed.) LED tank level lights on each side of the cab. Although the LED's are extremely bright (straight on), they are difficult to see on +45* angles.

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