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    Default vision test

    quick question: is there a color test associated with the medical tests given?

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    Never experienced one, but I'd venture a guess to say that you'd want to be able to spot red easily!

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    Interesting question Brad....

    When I went for my physical to get on the dept., there actually was a color blind test.

    As soon as the woman took out the color blind tests (those circles with multi colored dots, that have a huge number written in them) I freaked out and asked if this would keep me from getting on the FD....I AM moderately to severely colorblind and I fail 8 out of 10 of those tests.

    She had me take it anyways, realized I wasn't kidding, and threw me a bone. She had 8 pieces of yarn that were the basic colors. She told me that she should mark on the shhet that I am colorblind, but that if I can tell her what the 8 colors were, then she would pass me.

    Well, I got all 8 colors correct. Color blindness happens at birth, and we learn how to cheat :-). So, the extremely nice and considerate lady passed me.

    My father has even worse color blindness than I do, and he got on the FD in 1969.....I think he might have been given a break as well (I'l have to ask him now that I think of it).

    The long and short of it is this.....I would assume that most FD physicals WILL check you for color blindness. If you already know you are colorblind, tell them upfront (once they show that they are going to administer the test), and tell them that it has never hindered you from anything in day-to-day dealings.

    Hopefully you will have someone as nice and understanding as the woman I had.

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    Thanks TrainingNut. I am just like you. My friends played a joke on me and showed me those internet tests and i couldn't see squat. But it had never affected me daily until I saw THAT test. Thanks again.

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