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    Default Spec class?

    Looking for a class for specing fire equipment / apparatus. Is there such a creature? Also classes for specing other items such as turnouts, etc.

    If anyone knows of anything please let me know.

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    Try the Fire Department Safety Officers' Association. They hold an Apparatus Specification and Maintenance meeting every year in January in Orlando, Fla. I've never been to it but I understand that it's pretty good. Maybe someone who has been there will pipe up.

    Also check your state's NFA weekend. I remember going to such a class at Emmitsburg during the Penna. weekend. But that a bunch of years ago because the speaker was Warren Isman. Good luck!

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    I highly reccomend picking up a copy of "The Fire Apparatus Purchasing Handbook" By William C. Peters. It is published by "that other magazine". It is a little costly in my opinion (about $55 + or -) but the information contained within is priceless for someone who is newly venturing into the apparatus specification writing/purchasing game.
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    I actually took a 8-hour spec class from Bill Peters, the author of the above-mentioned class. It was at the first (of two, it seems) FDIC-East conference in Atlantic City. Lots of good information and handouts.

    His website is:

    Good luck!

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    I would look at any of the larger shows, Firehouse Expo, any FDIC, the IAFC show in Dallas. I've been through the Bill Peters class, as well as other, shorter "New Ideas for Apparatus" classes. I've walked away from each with at least something new, and new perspectives about why some department's spec what they do.

    The previously mentioned book is also money well spent.

    Fire Apparatus Magazine is also worthwhile. In my opinion, they do the best job of staying on top of new trends, ideas, etc. in fire apparatus.

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    Mike Wilbur and Tom Shand offer classes along these lines. We had a 16 hr. aerial class that really was tailored to our specifying a new tower. Lots of visuals and factula info on pitfalls and tips on what to write and how to get what you need.

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