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    Hey guys just wanted to let ya know how great I think this website is. There's alot of great information here and I'm so glad I discovered it!

    Well my name is Mike and I'm 20 years old and from Southern California. Got a tad of fire experience working on a Type II handcrew for the San Berardino N.F. Mostly ran pulaski but ran the saw a bit too. Absolutely loved the job so now I'm taking steps to obtain my AS in fire science at the local communitl college. Would like to go to fire academy and medic school eventually probably after I get my degree or atleast certificate. Just started volunteer at a local City/CDF station so I'm stoked about that. Looking to do whatever I can to get this great job.

    Anyways I'll see ya guys around the boards I'll be the one asking all the newbie questions!
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