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    Default Hi, my name is Jim and i am a noob

    I would like to introduce myself to the forum. I am a 35 y.o. , live in Belgium Europe and i am new to the forum. I am currently awaiting my exam to join our part time FD.
    Can anyone steer me in the right direction regarding FF training manuals to prepare myself for the oral board?

    Can anyone also explain the different pictures of fires on the website? I understanf that you collect FF stuff, but why take a picture from the fire itself.
    I myself don't like fire, i have seen what fire can do in my line of duty as a Police Officer, but i don't "like" fire at all.
    For me fire is like a raging beast, dangerous and lethal.
    Am i wrong with this?
    How are your feelings regarding fire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmalone
    For me fire is like a raging beast, dangerous and lethal.
    Am i wrong with this?
    No, not wrong at all. As long as you remember that mindset, you have a much improved chance of going home safe to your family at the end of a shift or call.

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    Fire IS a raging beast, uncontrolled and unsafe. Coming from a family of local (Chicago) and federal police and firefighters alike, I am lucky to have everyone come home every day. Keep this in your mind, i totally agree. A few hints, they will ask you why you want to be a firefighter. Dont say "its cool" without a backup story. Tell them about something that happened to you directly. They like to hear personal (very short) stories.

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