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    Arrow Hybrid Vehicle SOG

    I'm in the final stages of writing an SOG for Hyrbrid Vehicles. You may not find it perfect, however if you're interested I'd be pleased to email it to you. Simply email me directly at: resqman@asheboro.com and ask for the Hybrid SOG in the subject line. Obviously you may revise it to fit your needs.
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    Big Rig, sent you a message.

    For everyone, Another idea I came up was to print out the ERG's that manufactures put together, laminate them, and put them in 2 binders on our Squad. The reason for the laminate is that the officer can bring the book up to the scene of the incident, and not have to worry about poor weather conditions messing up the paper, ink running, etc... Most of the information gathered for the ERG's came from the below sites. Thanks.


    http://www.limerickfirerescue.org/ , click on training on the left, scroll to bottom.

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