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    Question Hiring

    I Have A Question And Hopefully Someone Can Give Me An Answer. I Have A Felony On My Record For R.s.p ( Receving Stolen Property ) And I Wanted To Know If There Is Any Department In The U.s Of A That Would Hire Me As A Firefighter/emt? I Have Wanted To Be A Firefighter All Of My Life And I Just Got Cought Up In Some Trouble. I Was Homeless And Stayed In A Hotel Without Paying And And Then Found A Police Radio And Tryed To Sell It. Stupid Me. Well If Anyone Can Help Out A Poor Guy It Would Be Great. I Am To Start College For My Fire Science Degree But If I Will Not Be Able To Get A Job Anywhere Then I Will Not Go To College For It.

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    Well, I don't want to tell you that it is impossible but I do have to say good luck. Like any other job you have the right to apply and with that comes the chance of being hired but no promises. It is going to be difficult but depending on how long ago it was and the circumstances behind the case a dept. MAY hire you. Getting an EMT license will be a challenge in itself. Good luck.

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    Default Hiring

    First of all, you posted this in a "Volunteer Forum". So no "hiring" going on here.

    Second, as long as you are up front with your prospective employers, I see no problem with your record. A lot of things come to bare in the hiring process. And of course, criminal records are one of them. But I believe that lying about anything on your application would keep you from getting hired. Best of luck in your future.
    Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

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