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    Default Health Benefits for Vol's

    From Newsday
    Health Benefits For Volunteer Firefighters
    August 26, 2006
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    Default just a start...

    Since many Volunteers fire and EMS in NY State are "blue collar guys", or like me in small business this makes a real difference. For those who can't afford health insurance. So we are at risk for HIV, Hepatitis Tetanus, the flu, etc. and then there cancer risks as well as heart attacks right? With the fact of an increased risk to an EMS or Fire volunteer's health I would call this a great step in the right direction, but it is just a start.

    Here is some food for thought
    When there are budget cuts Volunteers are first on the cutting blockÖ while political campaign funds and politicianís salaries are not usually in short supply. And our elected officials do not seem to worry about their own health care costs.

    There is free healthcare for convicted felons in the state corrections system but not for Volunteer Firefighters or Volunteer EMS. The State of NY takes better care of Prisoners than Volunteers!

    I am sure that there are others who agree, but for those who donít do the math how much would it cost to replace 50,000 firefighters 24/7 365 at about $15ph. Now that is only a little more half of the current number of Volunteers Firefighters in New York State, according to NYS OFPC there are 96,593 Volunteer Firefighters alone.

    Please don't let the negative facts take away from this being a great step toward securing the future of a grand American tradition, instead realize the people you serve and the brothers & sisters you serve with might not know how to help. Tell everyone who will listen to write to those politicians!
    Give our thoughts and prayers for our brothers. May we honor them by learning how to keep others safe while we remember their dedication, sacrifices and heroic efforts...
    Mitchell Donovan
    Battalion Chief
    Onesquethaw VFC

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    Default Agreed

    Hell ya! Agreed all the way - Something needs to change in this NY system!

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