Heeeeeeeey there Folks .......My Name is Rick ...aka." Sparky "..... New kid on this Cyber block and I wanted to say hello to you all.

I am from the East Bay in California.....38 and making a late career change , I know , I am crazy , I already took a $21 an hour pay cut to switch from Voice and Data Networking tech. to an EMT just to get my foot in the door.

I just passed My national Registry June 06 !

I am taking my Fire Technology classes at Chabot College in Hayward . AWESOME Fire Program there , all those instructors Rock !

********* HELP ***********

I have my First Fire Dept. Exam coming up in a few weeks , I have purchased some study material , and have been keep touch with a few Firefighters I know and they have been very helpful.

What I was looking for is any information someone may have in regards to FIRE INTERVIEW / EXAM " Audio " tapes or DVDs... I spend a lot of time driving ect....would love the extra study time !!

any advice would be great , otherwise ...Cheers all , Please to meet ya !