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    Default Any help would be appreciated...

    My name is Derek and I am new to the forum...
    I am 30yrs old currently live in Maumee (close to Spring Meadows). I would like to become a firefighter someday soon. I currently have my EMT-B (no experience) but in school to get my Paramedic.
    What I would like to know is if anyone here could help me out a little on what they recommend I do. I am thinking that I should work on becoming a volunteer for Maumee Fire to get experience. Will Maumee help me get my volunteer certification or should I work on that myself? What is required to become a volunteer? Is there a physical test? Does anyone know someone I should talk to at Maumee to see if I can get on?
    Would it be better to try a different department? I am willing to move but would like to stay close to Toledo.
    Has anyone taken the classes at Owens to become a volunteer? I have checked and there is a class (FST 100) that says it prepares you to take the state certification test but there is a co-requisite class (FST 101). Would I have to take both classes to become a volunteer or can I just take the one?
    Sorry for the long post and all the questions but I would really appreciate any help/advice...

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    I recomend you go to Maumee Fire and ask them what it takes to be hired on their FD. If you want your basic fire certification you can attend Owens College or you can go through Oregon Adult Education. Most FD's will send you to school to get your fire certification or they will do the training in house. Most of the Volunteer Dept. will send you to school to get the required certifitations for that Dept. Oregon Adult Ed is cheaper than Owens. You will only get hired by a FD for the area you live in so if Maumee isn't hiring than you will have to move first before another FD will consider you. There are a lot of Volunteer Dept just outside of Toledo.

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    Question any tests in eastern ohio

    I am new to the forums and present the same question as many. I am from eastern ohio trying to go career fire and having trouble finding hiring depts. I am ff level II, parmedic, hazmat ops certified and any help would be appreciated. I already work as a paramedic on a private ems service in tusc. county and have been a volunteer for a few years.

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