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    Allow me to propose a different point of view from the fire chief's perspective.

    Every day I have enthusiastic firefighters bouncing into my office proposing new ideas. Many of these ideas are pretty far fetched. Some are not workable for various safety, financial, logistic, time, or other reasons. Many of the proposals are simply far more trouble than they are worth. Some actually conflict with yesterday's group of proposals. There is simply no way I can honor these multitude of requests.

    Like you, these firefighters are convinced their project is the next BBD (bigger, better deal). They are sometimes put out that the chief isn't interested. Some take it personal. So, how do you get the chief to really listen to your idea?

    The firefighter who gets the most attention is the one who makes arrangements to see me when I'm not snowed under with budget problems or when I have a meeting in ten minutes I'm trying to prepare for. My recommendation is that you make an appointment to see your chief at a specific time. When you arrive, spell out the problem as you see it and then the solution. Show your costs, mounting bracket ideas, diagrams, etc. Wrap up by addressing any questions you might anticipate such as cab impact, security, or ease of access. If you can play a good salesman, end the presentation by listing all the advantages of your idea. Then ask the chief if he has any questions you can answer. Make it obvious that you defer to him as the final authority. This removes the "I better put my foot down because I'm the chief" response that often occurs.

    Even if the answer is "no", thank the chief for his time and offer to assist with any other projects which may arrive in the future. Leave the info with the chief. He may change his mind after discussing it with other officers. Should you receive a firm "no" answer then accept it, drop the issue, and move on. Life and bosses are full of "no".

    I hope this helps! Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrParasite
    I know this is off topic, but wouldn't it be the other way around? have the irons and can on the officer side (as they do inside supervised by the officer), while the OV and roof guy operate under the driver's "supervision." or do you operate differently?
    With the exception of the knob (which is determined by which side of the rig the fires on), we have no seat "assignments" for tools/equipment or tasks. Who grabs what and what task you are assigned is determined by staffing, when you arrive and what the CO determines they need/want.

    If a first in rig has 4, the jumpseat FF who doesnt have the knob grabs the irons. If we have 3, the CO will grab the irons. This would all change if your 2nd or 3rd due. A 3rd due may need to bring hooks in, 2nd due the PPV.

    We dont have FFs climbing off the rig and grabing the same tools or doing the same job on every call .
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    Default What about the other half?

    [QUOTE=JTFIRE80] We do get 8 guys on the trucks fairly often, then only get one more truck out. I said you take 2 seats out, make them 6 man cabs, get an additional apparatus out, which IMO seems logical. Not to the Chief though. QUOTE]

    Maybe you can "sell" half of your idea to the Chief. If your Dept. has enough qualified operators enact or change your operational policies so that you can get that second apparatus out the door. I have no idea what will work for your Dept, Splitting the 8 responding between the two rigs that you need to roll IMO seems simple. Taking into consideration almost nothing is a simple as it seems. Pre determine a minimum that can be split. It will take some trial and error to get the result you are looking for. A few of the selling points could be the safety considerations for having a reserve pumper on scene along with the extra equipment carried on it in the event of a failure. Having the ability to position the second in pumper at the rear of a structure, at the hydrant or end of a long drive way for water supply, or at a distance from an MVA to start slowing traffic or block a road outright.
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    we have one truck with tools in the cab and i love it

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    We keep TIC's, Large area search bags, Irons, and usually a closet hook in our apparatus. Several members have spent many hours laying out new equipment layouts on our engines, and are currently working on our Rescue squad. We want to get the maximum use out of the available space on the apparatus without hindering FF maneuverability and safety. I am all for mounting tools inside the cab as long as it is safe!

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    we have a tic 4 lights amd 3 portables 2 extra tic batteries

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