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    Default Anyone watch that show "Trick My Truck"

    Just caught an episode of it last night where the put a fire engine theme on a guys 95 peterbilt.

    Real gold leaf, a red paint job with white stripe and top, ladders as running boards, a real fire hydrant that has the air brake lines and electrical coming out of it and here is the real whacker items a light bar and siren.

    It turned out to be a pretty nice job IMO and they named the truck "343"

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    Let's talk fire trucks!
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    Here are a few shots of the rig for those that haven't seen it yet:


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    It sounds like a trucker's version of T:C's "Overhaulin"..

    do they have a version of "AJ"?
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    I love that show and that truck was amazing. I loved the Fight Fighter prayer panaling in the back.

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    The show is cool
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