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    Default arlington county, va/polygraph

    does arlington country, va conduct a polygraph test? i've been researching online about fairfax/dc job application processes but arlington's website doesn't have much information. they just have a 21 page application that i've printed out, but it doesn't go into detail about the entire process.

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    from what i can tell no, but it does say other tests will be performed as if they feel they need to. If that helps. maybe someone whos gone through the process first hand can let you know. Im going for my physical sept 21st.

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    I was in there process while ago and they did not do polygraphs. They do still have an extensive background check.

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    I also went through the process earlier in the year. I think their version of the polygraph is sitting you in a room with an investigator at the CPAT after filling out a background packet for the second time and going through it with you. They stress how important it is to be truthful and then will grill you on your responses. It's a little intimidating but not a big deal - just make sure your info is consistent, which shouldn't be a problem if you have been honest.

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