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    Default Who's into bass fishing?

    I know some folks don't consider fishing a sport but bass fishing is it! I just wanted to see if there are any others out there that are as hooked as I am with bass fishing. California is loaded with bass and big ones too!

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    i love bass fishing i live in southern new hampshire and theres a few lakes where i live there realy weedy so im hooked on fishing with the snag proof mouses they work awsome what do you fish with?

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    We're loaded with them down here. Tournaments every couple weekends. There's nothing like the first time you land a striper; but I prefer the fight of a small mouth on light test line.
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    Default I can't believe how few people fish...

    That's too bad, I was hoping to try and get a network of anglers to try and help each other. Say if some one was planning a trip to Northern California and wanted information on a bass fishing guide or salmon guide they could post up and of course one of us would throw out some info of what they know.

    I know for a fact there are firefighter bass anglers all over the country some are recreational anglers and some are proffessional anglers on tour so... Any takers out there?

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