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    Unhappy Double LODD- CDF

    SPRINGVILLE, Calif. (AP) - A pilot and firefighter were killed
    Wednesday when their California Department of Forestry and Fire
    Protection plane crashed as they worked to battle a blaze in remote
    Tulare County foothills, authorities said.
    The crash of the OV-10 airtactical plane sparked a three-acre
    wildfire near where firefighters battled the other blaze in the
    Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest, about 170 miles north of
    Los Angeles, said CDF spokeswoman Becki Redwine.
    The plane, which was surveilling the fire for ground crews, had
    no communication just before the crash around 10:25 a.m., she said.
    The victims were identified as George Willett, 52, a Hanford
    pilot contracted to help battle the fire, and CDF Battalion Chief
    Robert Paul Stone, 36, of Visalia.

    More than 75 CDF and sheriff's deputies responded to the scene,
    but the rough terrain made it hard to reach the crash, Redwine
    The original three-acre fire - thought to have been caused by a
    campfire - was fully contained.
    The National Transportation Safety Board was investigating the

    Rest in Peace brothers...

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    This is just about right in my back yard. The name Willett sounds familiar (I live in the next city over from Hanford--small county)...don't really know anyone from CDF Tulare Unit. There's bound to be coverage in the local news, I'll see what I can find...

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    Rest in peace brothers. You have made the supreme sacrifice. You will not be forgotten.

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    rest in peace brothers...
    First in, Last out, nobody left behind.....

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    Rest in Peace.

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    Rest in peace brothers. May God watch over the families and department.

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