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    Default Hale HP550 X Seals Won't Last?

    My question is this, does anyone else have one of these pumps(HPX550). We seem to have to replace the mechanical seal about once a year. Is this normal? I know we have hard water, but I don't replace the seals on my spray rigs but about once every two years. And the stuff we put throught those are a little more rough on the pump than the water. Just a question, any answers would be helpful. Thanks

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    Have you been in touch with the Hale company people? I shy away from mechanical seals for a few reasons. First is the time and effort to replace them which is usually more difficult than packing types. Mechanical seals are usually comprised of a porcelain surface and a carbon surface and crack if subjected to heat produced by cavitation and such. Some like the mechanical seal and swear they are more reliable but my experience here dictates the use of standard packing seals as being more practical. The Hale people might be more help and specific to your problems and needs so I would start there first.Good luck.

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