My sons special education project is about 9-11. HE has put together a collage, found a song regarding it(Alan Jackson, That September day) and now he has a free choice project to complete the deal. My son has grown up with Fire and EMs with family members being chiefs, Capts, Lt, and FF. For the final project he want to get info about FF, Cops, and EMS that lost their lives on 9-11. Can you please email me info with a pic about the person and their favorite recipe. My son is going to put a book together about the indivdual and include their fave recipe. Copies of this book will be give to his 10 or so classmates. I really need a cookie or brownie recipe so he can make the recipe and share it with his class. I know this is very short notice but can you please help. If you know of someone who is not from NY but lost their life on 9-11 please pass this one to those who know them. His project is due the week of 9-11. PLease help by emailing to or

Thank you
Capt and LT Weil
HOlly, Mi