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    Tommorrow is a day we need to all remember our fallen firefighters. They did what they were trained to do and lost there lives saving others.

    I joined the fire service 3/2001 and was a resident firefighter sitting in the day room when my girlfreind called me and told me to turn on the TV. There it was, one plane crashed into the tower. All the Firefighters in the house packed into the day room and before we could all settle down we watched live the other plane crash into the other tower. The next few days was sad for us all as the firefighters death count got worse.

    LETS NEVER FORGET OUR 343 FALLEN BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Don't worry man because there's no chance in hell i will ever forget the significance of 343.Here's a toast to all those lost on 9/11.

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    I'll never forget... on 9-2-01 i had been in a wreck on broke my back so all i could do is lay flat on my back and watch the entire thing... not something i want to do again... either one... broken back hurst like hell
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