I didnt see a trading post on here and since this is wildland related I figure this is the best place for this

I have about 4 or 5 pairs of "green " pants for wildland fire, and a packshack line pack that I want to unload

pant sizes are as follows ( you can tell when I got married...the size goes up )

28-30 /34....32-34/34 x2...34-36/34 or there abouts
these pants are the kind you can trade out at fire camps and Ive had them since 2003 to present still in great condition and like I said worse case you can trade em out if they dont fit you right!

the packshack line pack is red , non detatchable (read no engineer web gear) line pack the shelter pouch is on the outside of the main pocket and has never been used
e.mail me if interested and make an offer I cant refuse