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Thread: uconn hiring

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    Default uconn hiring

    I see uconn is hiring for "Firefighter / Fire Inspector (two positions)". does anyone know if the 2 positions are one firefighter and one fire inspector? or 2 combo positions?

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    don't know for sure, but knowing college FDs pretty well, I can say with almost complete certainty that the position is for a combination position. Your primary job will be as a fire inspector, and you will be doing suppression tactics as either a first responder or in support of the local FD.
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    I belive its a combo position with doing inspections, but when the tones drop, you are the fire department. I also think you needed to take the test that was offered in April 06. The pay is just over $15.00/hr and its rotating shifts, 3 days 3 off 3 nights 3 off. The positions are @ Storrs and I am sure that they are looking to fill them for the CFA Oct 06 class. Also, they are looking for people with certificates and quilifications. It will "assisit in finding an approprate candidate for the department"

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    It's a relatively new unit at UConn -- the reorganized Fire Marshal / Building Inspector in the wake of all the "issues" they've had there. Certainly can't object to them being combo positions, since the old FD structure was woefully understaffed (IIRC Officer + 4 FFs staffing 2 Engines, 1 Tower, & 2 Ambulances per shift...having taken classes years ago with a UConn LT, there was times he was left to drive the engine alone to fire alarms...)

    Anyway, my one ??? is the $15/hr seems real low. That's a Protective Services Grade 1 / Step 1 rate. If that's what was quoted by someone at UConn, I'd just inquire if that's a rate during training @ CFA or something.

    According to the State Dept. Administrative Services UConn firefighters are classified to start at PS Grade 13 / Step 1, which is $23.68/hr. I would think the inspector certifications should get a premium.

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    looks like they revised the posting so that the job title is "firefighter" now. same description though.

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    A lot of misinformation out there; the positions are somewhat combo but the priority will be on the fire inspector stuff, with overtime allowed on the fire floor. The low payrate is during the probationary period (6 months) where you are classified within the state as a "trainee". After your 6 month probie time you earn Protective Services paygrade 13 step 1 (around 20-22/ hr; doesn't include weekend and shift diff either though ++). One of the positions is just for FF, no fire inspectoring at all.

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