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    Default Previous Grantees

    Two important things:

    1. Be SURE to submit your close outs. Future awards will be affected by how you performed in previous grants.

    2. Follow up after you submit. Many get released back and due to the grantee never checking that years grants email, it sits there never getting any corrective action.

    Spread the word to everyone you know who received a grant to address this issue. Don't ASSUME just because you submitted a close out that that means you are done. FOLLOW UP.


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    What if you are not ready to close out?
    We ordered a new truck and now the delivery time has been pushed back to December.

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    Make sure you have filed an extension. Max is talking about closeouts for departments that are done, but are just slacking off.

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    Default Close Out

    In the 11th month of your period of performance, the close out report link will appear under "actions" in your grants status page. You will know when it's time to git-r-done. Also a close out notificatioon will be sent to your email.

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