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    Default Front-Mount Pump with CAFS

    Does anyone make one of these? I've checked Hale and Darley (they seem to be the main front-mount pump builders), and neither website clearly says they do or they don't.

    Any links would be appreciated.

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    Default how big is your bumper?

    you need space for a pump, a compressor, and the foam. thats a lot. i suppose you could put that in the body, but then the piping would be wacked.

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    You might need to put the compressor and foam tank somewhere eles. Say behind the cab. then have lines that go to the pump to supply air and foam to it.

    Can I ask why you would want this?

    I believe Alexis is one of the few that still makes front mount pumps.

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    on a front pump driven off of the front hub of the engine it should be possible to run an extra belt to drive a compressor. I think belt drive cafs compressors are limited to 140, or as an underhood compressor.

    typical CAFS compressors are pto driven, so if you had a front pump driven off the engine hub,, and an available PTO port, you could do it that way also

    As far as I know, Waterous is the only pump mfg to have water pump/cafs compressor integrated so that it only uses one drive - the ECLIPSE series

    there is also bottle cafs like Hale has available - but then on scene you couln't have "indefinite" cafs foam.

    If you are looking at factory built rigs, Darley still builds complete front mount pump engines.

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    Well, the main reason I was wondering about it is because of specing a small Class A pumper that also has auto-extrication and ALS equipment so it would be a 100% rescue body behind the cab. The pump needn't be big, because it's role would be for wash-downs, wildland-interface, and drafting to be a supply point for a tanker. The wildland-interface, and the fact that most departments will use whatever is available when their is a structure fire, is what brought in the CAFS need.

    I noticed on Darley's website that they say they can do a front-mounted CAFS pump, but they don't really have a section showing the specs and describing the system. They also have the under-hood compressor system (called "WildCAFS" on their website). All of this is through OdinFoam, which I assume Darley bought to give them their CAFS division. It looks like their KSEC is available in front-mount w/ CAFS in a 750 or 1000 gpm capacity. (They have another pump available in same configuration, but it is a 250-500gpm.)

    Anyone have one of these? Any testimonials or criticisms?

    I am curious how they do the foam tank. It appears they have the compressor part of the system all figured out, with engine-driven, PTO, and under-hood (probably belt-driven) compressors available.
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