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    Default Interview Question

    Ive went all the way through the Kansas City Fire Dept hiring process made the list but just low & it looks like theyll start the process once again before they reach me. I did fine on the Fire Interview but the part that got me was a Interview for a Consultant Group to grade where it was myself, a video camera, a tape recorder & a little TV with a person reading off questions. In this you were given a note pad & pencil to take notes. There were 4 questions & they all were such as:

    "Come up on a MVA w/ a gasoline tanker & a car, you have no medical equipment. Unknown if you have patients. What do you do?" Maybe not exactly that but close.

    "Your a rookie firefighter at your station you are on the Pumper & the other Company in your house breaks down & has to go into a Reserve piece. What do you do?"

    I dont remember the other 2 but they were similar. I guess my question is what are these Consultant groups looking for? I did take notes & reviewed them during the interview. Is this smart? I figured if its there they want you to use them. I then looked over my notes before giving my answer so that it was fluent & I covered everything I wanted to. I know I kept eye contact w/ the camera & I think I spoke fluently & loud enough for them to hear but its hard to tell w/ 50 people giving their answers all at the same time. I know I should have done better & thats why Im here Ive seen alot of discussion on how to better yourself for the oral interviews but how about the ones where you are being video taped & the person grading them doesnt know anything about the fire service? How do you catch their eye?

    Thanks for all the help. Greatly appreciated sorry about the length of this post.

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    Default You Can Do It!

    Without hearing the exact question and your exact answer it is had to say what you did right and what could have been better. You probably did nothing wrong if you made it that high on the list. You may have only missed out on the job by lees than a point.

    Possibly asking if the driver of the gas truck was out of the vehicle and asking him if he had a full load or not may have been the difference.

    The city of Santa Rosa, Calif, call for the first 10 spots for interviews last month, there were 76 people in the group. Taking tests, doing mock interviews, working with a tape player, and talking to people that passed the last test are all things that could help you get those little tenths and hundredths of points that would move you into the front of the pack.

    Seattle has done a similar interview in the past where there is a person that starts a tape player when you say you are ready, and then you have to read the question and then answer it by yourself. This change in format can send some people for a loop and take the wheels right off of their wagon. There are two things I can think of to improve for a test like this. First, be as prepared as you can be going into your interview. If you know, going in the door you have well thought out, well memorized answers you couldn't forget if you wanted, that will get you the best score you can, then you are ready for anything they can throw at you. Second, practice just like that, set up a camera and have someone ask you questions so you are as comfortable with that style of testing as possible. Watching the video may give you some further insight into where you can improve.

    Keep testing, if you made it this far you have what it takes. It just may take a minor adjustment to get you the number one spot.

    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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