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    Lightbulb Noob here looking for some advice

    First off I'll give you a little back ground I'm 25 and did 4yrs AD Army and was medicaly discharged. I have been talking to a recruiter about going back in to the Army Reserves as a 21M (FF) and got the ok by VA go enlist. But aslo I'm currently takeing college classes for a fire fighter and have a couple more months to do for my First Responder class and for my Intro to Fire Science then I can take my FF II class and my EMT-B class.

    So now my question is should I just stay in school and stay as a civilian FF or go ahead and become a 21M because it seems that if I went the reserve route I wouldn't really be a FF just say a trained person that wont actually do the job.

    Any insite on this would be great I just was hopeing to get some feed back of what other people would do in this situation.

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    Dunno, I decided to go to the ANG. Had the same decision to make. I am going to get alot of training really fast. Which even if it does not xfer over, it is alot of training that will help when I do my schooling. It also looks good on a resume since the academy at GF is supposed to be one of the best. Lastly, I chose to go ANG because from what I understand promotions are normally based on how you score with a board (civilian ff's), and the academy at GF along with the OJT training you do look good for your package.

    Also, the classes are supposedly going to incorporate the EMT-B and EMT-I instruction starting 1 Oct of this year. Hopefully that is true, because those are long hard classes.

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