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    Default KME or Pierce

    Looking for departments that have purchased a new (in the past 1-3 years) KME or Pierce engine with CAFS. Prefer northern AR, I would like to visit with them - we are getting a grant for a new engine.

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    Default Pierce

    The city of Little Rock in getting 6 new Pierce engines within the month. Though I have never worked off a KME, I will have to say that a Pierce is the top of the line....we LOVE ours. I have worked off a 89 Pierce Arrow and a 98 Pierce Dash, both with Waterous Pumps, and they never fail to preform. I can feel confident in saying that you wont regret gtetting a Pierce. The Ladder company in our house is a 03 Pierce Dash and they are as satisfied with it as we are with ours.

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    Talking Pierce

    We have 1 pierce engine and getting a ladder truck from them next year. They make great trucks. Never had KME but here that there making a move into NWA. There is a dealer in Southwest Mo. Ask Benton County about Pierce. They just got 20 of them.

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    We've got two of the Pierce models that were purchased under the sale to Benton County, one belongs to the county, the other we were able to get in on the quantity discount... ( 14 were purchased). These are commercial model 4400 Navistar chassis, we went with the four door cab and foam proportioner options ( not CAFS). Others went with the extended front bumpers. No real problems for two years usage. Did have to re program software on one, some type of electrical hit. Had a door switch replaced on the other. A couple of recalls, taken care of without incident, service through G&W Diesel, FirePro, and a local Navistar dealer has been good. No complaints, we average over 100 fire calls / year here, some do more, some less... lots of rural roads and terrain.
    They seem to handle it just fine.
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    Default Pierce

    KME = Keep Mechanics Employed

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