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    Hey all,

    I have a new website I recently started earlier this summer. I've just made a new links area, and I decided to do a USA Dept. links area. So visit my dept's website, go to the links area, and submit your dept website or a any dept website in the US. Paid, volunteer, combo, military, industrial, private, federal---it doesn't matter. I'm working on a Canada map, and will be doing an International area as well, but I need to get the links built up for the USA first.

    This is the URL:

    Thanks for your help,



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    This is a site for my volunteer fire department. It is not great nor is it near being complete.

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    Default Great

    Your site is great. I have to ask tho, what state and county is it in? I have a USA Depts Map, and I'd like to get it in the right place.

    I'm not sure what webhosting services that freeservers .com gives you, but it does look like you can only place things (text and pics) where they specify. Take a look at - as they have many more options, no bandwidth restrictions, any file type can be uploaded, and you can place things where you want to. They do have restrictions(for the free option) - file space limited to 10Mb, ads, and they use CSS style sheets which limit the background colors to 3. With just pics, formatted just right, 10Mb is nothing. But if you start placing videos, as I have, on your site - then that's where file space becomes a problem. I do pay $50 per year for 1Gb of file space. But with that, I get 4 more background colors as well, and ads are removed.

    Let me know where your dept is,


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