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    Default Boron capable cutter, used it yet?

    Genisis is advertising it's new 231 cutter as boron capable. Claiming 231,000 lbs. of cutting force and the highest nfpa ratings of any cutter. Anyone played with it yet, in the market sometime soon. Just curious

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    Thumbs up Genesis C-231 cutter

    We were due for a cutter upgrade so we called our local rep. My company was fortunate enough to see the Genesis 231 cutter just as it was released and it is amazing. The salesman cut a pc of 1 1/2" bar with no hesitation or the tool slowing down. We purchased the cutter shortly after and have been successfully using it since. We cut hinges, nators, seat backs- you name it...it really does a nice job...speeds our extrication times dramatically.

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    I was doing research on "Super Heavy Duty" cutters slightly before the new Genesis unit came out. We waited for the new cutter to be released for our demo. We ordered it following the demo. It cut everything the salesman brought with him to demo compliance with NFPA numbers (which are all very high). It also cut two metals we asked be used since they were things (one militiary grade) we were previously unable to cut. We now have the cutter on our rescue rig and are very pleased. It has cut everything we have attempted to cut, but I must admit we have not cut anything in an actual rescue that tested its limits yet.

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