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    Default Ucon what? Idaho Where??

    We are a small town department located 7 miles north of Idaho Fallls, Idaho on highway 20 north towards West Yellowstone Montana.
    We are a small Volunteer department, but we do mutual aid with a larger city in our area (Ammon) and respond on their calls as well.
    I'm fairly new, I'll be going through Firefighter one cert. this winter and should have that wrapped up by mid January.
    I've been lurking for awhile, keeping my mouth shut and ears (ok eyes) open and learning. So I'll probably do more of the same, just thought I would register.
    Nothing like a mouthy Probie so I'll bide my time and learn!



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    On the flatest land around! (In central Il.)


    Welcome to the forums! Don't be afraid to speak up every now and then. We always need a probie to bust on!

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    I volunteered with ammon for a few months when I got out of the military. Actually got a good structure fire in Ucons district. Good luck to ya! Your gonna have a good time.

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    Default same old me

    I wish they got these forums figured out, I didn't post for awhile and now can't get my old password to reset, so I had to re-register..Anyway, same me, new username.

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