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    Quote Originally Posted by rcskcs
    Any dept's out there allow their truck or rescue captains to assume command of a fire incident?
    Situation: 3 person engine is first on scene and the Captain passes command and goes to work. Next in is a truck or rescue, does your dept allow that truck or rescue captain to take command?

    Here, any company level officer is permitted to assume IC. Usually it is the CO on the second due rig. They keep IC untill a command level officer arrives.
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    Here at my department all fire calls get the same response initially. 1 engine and 1 75' quint with 2 or 3 men depending on the day. Some days we might not even have an officer on duty. If it is a working fire we will get the chief and call back of the department bringing 2 more engines and 10 or 12 more men.

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    Initial dispatch for a report of fire or visible smoke in any structure we send our whole fleet:
    3 Engines
    1 Quint
    1 Rescue
    1 Tanker (in non-hydrant areas)

    Confirmed fire is above PLUS:
    1 FAST
    1 BLS Ambulance (rehab)
    1 BLS Ambulance (for Transport)
    1 Medic
    1 Cascade (for the SCBAs)
    3 Additional Tankers (in non-hydrant areas)

    2nd Alarm is above PLUS:
    1 Engine
    1 Truck
    2nd FAST
    2 Additional Tankers (in non-hydrant areas)
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    Fort Lauderdale, FL Fire-Rescue

    Initial dispatch for structure fire: 3 Engines, 1 Ladder, 1 Rescue, 2 Battalion Chiefs & EMS supervisor.

    Working Fire: brings an additional Ladder (RIT), Air/Light truck, and Fire Investigator. Also, command will usually ask for a 2nd rescue to setup medical sector, since the 1st due rescue usually goes to work with the engine company.

    All Engines & Ladders have 1 Officer, 1 Driver/Engineer, and 1 FF
    All Rescues (ambulances) have 2 FF minimum, sometimes 3
    All command officers have just 1.

    Typically the first due engine & rescue on scene arrive at the same time approximately, and will advance the first line. Second due engine establishes water supply, then conducts searches or pulls the 2nd line. Third due engine pulls the 2nd/3rd line, or conducts searches. First due ladder conducts Truck Co. Ops, Second due ladder stands by as RIT. The three command officers assume command, accountability, and safety officer positions. Air/Light truck sets up rehab, with the 2nd due rescue providing medical treatment & monitoring

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    It depends on the location in our district, some areas a reported structure assignment will be as follows...

    1 Engine - w/ Driver, Officer and extra Firefighter if fully staffed
    1 Light Duty Rescue- w/ 2 Firefighters
    1 100' Quint w/ 2 Firefighters
    1 Battalion Chief

    If it is declared a working fire we recieve our other engine and a mutual aid heavy rescue

    In the other portion of our district it is as follows

    1 Engine- w/ Driver and Officer
    1 Light Duty Rescue - w/ 2 Firefighters
    1 Mutual Aid Engine - w/ Driver and Officer
    1 Mutual Aid Light Duty Rescue - w/ 2 Firefghters

    If a working fire is declared in this portion of the disrict the other engine and quint respond along with a mutual aid heavy rescue.

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