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Thread: LOA policies?

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    Default LOA policies?

    If you have a member on LOA, can he/she come in to respond to a call, even if qualified?? What are the potential liabilities, and/or relief assn issues involved?

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    This is definitely too vague an issue to give a specific response to, you should contact a lawyer who is familiar with your local and state labor laws as pertains to your type of dept for answers. You're likely to only get opinions here, not fact, and even if you get facts they may not pertain to your jurisdiction anyway.

    That being said, my own opinion is that it would depend on what the LOA was for. If it were voluntary for a non-medical issue, such as away attending school, then I don't see much liability in the member responding if they happen to be home for a day or so, so long as they are still carried under the insurance and still meet any and all other applicable requirements, such as current medical clearance. If the LOA is for something other than that, notably medical related, then yes it probably would put the dept in a bad position should something happen to further complicate matters. If a member is on LOA, there's usually good reason for it, and the entire point of the LOA is so they DON'T respond.

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    Well depends? What are you on a LOA for? And what type of call are you talking about? If you are on a LOA and respond to a structure fire but not an known false alarm call, well then you are "picking and chosing" calls. Which is the bane of many a vollie department.

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    LOA is what it is .............Leave of Abscence.......you dont respond to anything.
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    Same policy here.

    If you are on an LOA you are no longer considered active and dropped from insurance. You do not respond until you submit a request to become active again and it's approved.

    If you stumble onto an EMS scene you are considered a civilian.

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