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    Default Purchasing New Leather Boots

    I know everyone has their opinion on boots, I feel more comfortable in leather as oppossed to rubber. I have asked everyone & anyone in Fire who makes a great/good pair of leather boots, I thought I would ask here as well. Thanks for your input.

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    Personally I wear Warringtons. http://www.warringtonltd.com/ Good boots, comfortable, square toe (more room), no complaints! Everyone has their own personal opinions about boots, and my opinion is.... Warrington makes great boots!
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    Warrington does make great boots; but if you need something a little easier on the pocket but still comfortable, then try either Throughgood or Black Diamond.
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    I have 10" Pro Warringtons as well as the 14" pull on bunker boots. Can't go wrong with them. Pro warrington is also union american made unlike most other boots.

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    I have Warringtons, and would definitely recommend them.

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    I have Warringtons in the Bunker style and the Station Duty Boots style.

    Great boots with great protection and comfort.

    Remember to never put shoe polish on the leather if you get em.

    I use Obenaufs leather dressing and cleaner and its the only thing that touches my leathers.
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