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    I have been going to school for the past year and a half to find a job in the fire service, before I dedcided on what I wanted to do I had gotten a couple underage drinking violations when I was 18 and 20. Are these violations carrer ending or just setbacks that I will need to work around by improving other areas? Any feedback would be great

    Thanks for you help.

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    Somthing like that seems to me to very department to department. I will tell you don't lie about that stuff on aps or in interviews but I would say that I would not start braging about it either. In my department I am a Lt and We have a say in who gets hired. and you would still get an interview but that would not be a guarntee on a job. And I can also tell you that We would probably grill you about it in the interview to see how you respond. I think it is somthing that you would have to over come and always remember when you get on YOUR A PROBIE they don't need a reason to fire you so don't give them one. Take this advise as you may and Best of Luck in your futer endevors.

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