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    Default Do I have to go through another academy?

    Hi my name is Shaun. I just recently got out of the Military as a Firefighter. There I was certified as a FF II, along with many other certifications. My question is to anyone who has come from the Military trying to get California State Firefighter certification. Is there a way to get certified by California without having to go through another academy? There must be a way, I canít be the only one that has faced this problem. If worse come to worse I will go though another fire academy, though I think that my time would be better spent on things that I havenít already accomplished. If you have any comments or advise please send them my way. Thanks for your time.

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    From what I have heard, you will have to go through their academy. Same thing in Florida. You might want to place this post in the California section or in the general firefighter section. I think you will get a better response that way.
    Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

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