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    Default Cascade mounting

    We are putting together a new engine and it has a 3 bottle cascade and a fill station. Looking for ideas on mounting the bottles.

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    That one's tough just because there are so many competing interests involved. If you locate them ideally for weight distribution, they'd be hard to get at if you needed to. If you put them where they're easy to access, you can run into handling and stability problems. Or, you take up space needed for higher priority items.

    Depending on how long you want to allow the truck to be, and how much tank you need, how about standing them vertically between the pump and the tank? If you did that, I'd want to look at using ASME cylinders. They're considerably heavier and cost more, but they don't have to be pulled out every 5 years for hydrostatic testing.

    We have a special service truck where our 4 cylinders are laid flat running fore and aft under the floor, just above the frame rails and just ahead of the drive axle. The arrangement includes access for hydro testing but it's a grand pain. That one would also affect tank capacity.

    Putting them in a void area above the pump panel in the vicinity of where booster reels are frequently put is attractive but it can raise the center of gravity and give stability problems.

    Between the tank and the hose bed is possible, but again it will affect tank capacity. Stability too, if they're too high up.

    Ideally, the fill station would want to be ahead of the drive axle. Ours is behind it and works OK, but we have other stuff counterbalancing it and we don't have a hard suspension system beating it up.

    Good luck!

    Stay safe out there, everyone goes home!

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    Default good call

    C11: Good call on the ASME bottles. It took me a bit of searching and asking the right people the right questions but I finally convinced our people that the ASME bottles were the way to go because they did not require pulling for hydro.Amazingly the spec gurus at the time did not even realize that the other bottles had to be tested until I told them that the air resource unit would be out of service while the bottles were pulled and tested.

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