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Thread: new recruit

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    Default new recruit

    I am an aspiring firefighter. I work as an emt for a private ambulance company. should I go to a fire academy first or paramedic school first?

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    Default New Recruit

    Personally I would Do What You Feel Would Benefit You

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    Quote Originally Posted by GitRDoneFire
    Personally I would Do What You Feel Would Benefit You
    I agree with this cat !

    However , I am in the same boat as you , If you can afford it , I would go for your Paramedic....it takes a while.

    I have been going to school for about a year , working inbetween and I still have months to go before I get my Firefighter 1.

    As I troll the Firehouse jobs page daily , I see that the request for PARAMEDIC is in much higher demand then a Firefighter 1 academy Grad .!

    Good luck !

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    I would attempt to do both, go to medic school and work as a seasonal for CDF. (Which by the way are taking applications at your district ranger stations) It all depends on your "time" management skills ; our department currently hires paramedics, but were getting a lot of "green" medics with little experience and letting them go.

    Good Luck

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