I am looking for an old EMS uniform to be dislayed with my 1980's vintage ambulance (please hold the puke box jokes). The shirt I am looking for was made by Dynamed, I think, and was worn in the late 70's and 80's. They came in many colors, but were usually blue with white sleeves or orange with white or blue sleeves. I remember that some of the sleeves had red/white/blue stripes on them.
If anyone has one they want to sell, email me at: ladder121@horizonview.net
Email me a picture of your shirt and your price. I am trying to find one before Oct. 8th. We are having an open house at our fire station and I will have a large historical display set up.
Thanks for your help.
Dan Gilmore
Plain Township Fire Department
MICU Medic
Medflight of Ohio