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    Quote Originally Posted by bcossey
    As far as I know being engaged at any age is legal, the wedding plans were being made for when they turned 18
    No its not but having a son that young????

    I give my thoughts and prayers to you chief.

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    90% of our calls are medical & MVA calls it was assumed it was an MVA with people trapped The 911 office in this county only has 1 employee @ night
    there were several tornadoes in the southern part of the county Hardy 8 miles away were having rescues of their own @ first I blamed myself,then Central Dispatch, then blamed other FD that wre trained for water rescues that did not respond .Now I know that it was just a freak accident, it was Christophers time to be called home. Myself or my my family will never be the same. I will never personally respond to another page to Martin Creek . Thank everybody for their prayers, thoughts,and condolences. Thanks for listening this will be my last post. Bill Cossey WVFD

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